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Creator of the limbic system structures are phylogenetically the oldest part of the brain.

Limbic system is administered by a large area of human brain cortex and it is the regulating system of responses towards any stimuli created by our ideas or outer world.

Especially it tries to eliminate harmful stimulus which creates stress disorders by configuring the functions of autonomic nervous system. (Circulatory and digestive system, endocrine system functions, etc.)

First of all I would like to remind you that all vital functions in our body are under influence of the stimuli of our limbic System. All external stimuli (music, noise, all visual stimuli, good or bad sayings, etc.). or stimuli created by our thoughts (I need to lose weight, what if I can’t have a baby, I still have a heart throb, my blood pressure will increase, all the attempts of defining yourself; I’m fat, miserable, ugly, lonely, I’m nervous, etc..) are processed by the limbic system. All our past experiences, beliefs, and our pre-adoption educations are also involved in this process.

At the end of this process the limbic system decides what kind of reactions will take place in our body towards that stimuli. The decision is forwarded to our autonomic nervous system and the function of our heart, respiratory system, hormones, digestive system are organized according to that decision. The aim here is the continuity of health and vitality. For example, if there is a real danger and if we don’t have enough strength to overcome it,to face this situation our heart starts beating faster for us to escape. We need our legs to escape, therefore the veins of the legs will extend to get the blood that our heart pumps.
In the meantime, we need our brain to function to decide where will we go, so the blood vessels to nourish our brain also expands.

In a situation like this, the skin does not need blood, as a consequence blood vessels on the skin become narrow and send extra blood to heart. While we are dealing with an immediate danger, there is no need for our digestive system and gastrointestinal structures, therefore their blood vessels also become narrow and the blood returns to heart. The heart sends all the blood to necessary organs to move away from danger or to overcome it.

All of these activities are organizes by our autonomic nervous system with the decisions of the limbic system. The situation above is an important example of limbic system controlling the response of the body towards incoming stimuli. The relaxation of our body and peace of mind also organized by the limbic system, when we listen a beautiful and soft music. These examples of reaction belong to natural and physiological conditions.

If a person face negative stimuli (Office civil unrest, domestic unrest, etc..)for a long time or exposure of intense stress stimuli ( the earthquake, serious accident, the unexpected death of someone beloved, etc.), then limbic system may not be able to regulate organ functions and make stimuli harmless for the body. In this case, simple stimuli or thoughts starts to be detected as danger and deterioration in organ functioning occurs as autonomic nervous system starts to function unbalanced. Irritable colon, chronic constipation, menstrual disorders, thyroid problems, infertility problems, muscle spazm, problems without a specific reason can be caused by disfunction of the limbic system. Acupuncture is a treatment which regulates impaired limbic system.

It’s an important preparation treatment for mother candidates of the test-tube baby or vaccination method. Moreover it’s an effective treatment of psychosomatic illness caused by stress disorders as spastic colon, chronic constipation, menstrual irregularity, headaches, obesity. Eventually limbic system functions can be regulated by acupuncture. Besides, people should stay away as far as possible from negative stimuli which damage limbic system.


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