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Obesity effects quality and quantity of life negatively. It is one of the most common dieseases of the century.

Acupuncturist usually advices that you should eat regularly and on time, minimize morsels and chew more, also you should be careful about the quantity of your meal.

What can Acupuncture do?

Firstly Acupuncture will organize your digestive system. For example if you have constipation, gastric fermentation, combustion or indigestion acupuncture solves the problem. Acupuncture removes the stress of the serious behavioral change of eating routine; you will feel calm and comfortable more than ever. This will help you to observe and change your eating addition. Acupuncture will remove hunger, feeling of starvation and weakness when you decrease quantity of nutrient. Acupuncture accelerate metabolism which has slowed down because of uncontrolled diets.
While Acupuncture does all these, the patient has to go to treatment regularly and change his/her eating routine by listening doctor’s advices.

Benefits of loss of weight:
Loss of weight fixes physical, metabolical, endocrinological and psychological complications. Loss of 5-10 kg;

  • decrease joint and dorsal pain
  • improve function problems of lungs
  • improve hypertension
  • improve insulin sensitivity and tolerance of glucose
  • decrease blood lipids and cholesterol
  • effects ovary functions positively
  • improve diabetes mellitus

obesityCauses of Obesity

Genetically familiarity, hormonal metabolic disorders, psychological and environmental effects, low energy rated while food consumption.

People who eat extreme carbohydrates and fats, increase quantity of daily calories everyday, store extra calories.
Decrease of activity because of age, life at rest without sport, staying at home and watching TV, eating irregularly and fatty foods, alcohol causes obesity.

Put on weight increases during pregnancy, maturity, and menopause. Moreover hypothyroidism, Diabetics, depression medicines, birth control pills, corticosteroids, quitting smoking, slowed down metabolism, eating much causes obesity.

  • Tip for nutrition
  • Decreasing fat consumption
  • Decreasing sugar consumption
  • Decreasing salt and salty food consumption
  • Limiting alcohol consumption


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